Hotel des Cascades

mullerthal cascade

Hôtel des Cascades opens its doors to offer a unique experience in the heart of Luxembourg’s “Little Switzerland”.

Situated right within this enchanting region, the hotel exudes an alluring vintage aesthetic that has a charm of its own. It serves as an excellent base for those wishing to traverse captivating hiking trails, undulating landscapes, and tranquility that nature presents.

Explore Müllerthal

Müllerthal holds an array of alluring attractions that await the guests of Hôtel des Cascades. The hotel encourages adventurers to discover the treasures within this captivating region.


Within the hotel, guests are invited to experience the blend of classic elegance and comfort in Hôtel des Cascades’ vintage rooms. The carefully curated decor and amenities promise a delightful and memorable stay.


The hotel’s exquisite dining spot offers a variety of culinary treats, coupled with panoramic views of the surroundings to further enhance the dining experience.

Golf at Golf Club Christnach

Hôtel des Cascades proudly affiliates itself as a founding member of the distinguished Golf Club Christnach. Situated just 1.5 km from the hotel and within a natural park, it provides golf enthusiasts with a pristine golf course that has been the venue for national and international tournaments – including the EPD tour in Luxembourg, 2011.

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